2016 Gala Dinner Recap

SDLRLA Scholarship Fund’s October 6, 2016 Annual Dinner & Gala was a smash success!  In 2016, SDLRLA Scholarships Fund’s bar stipends and fall scholarships totaled $49,500. The scholarship recipients included diverse law students with poignant stories of success and tenacity. 

The 2016 Annual Dinner & Gala drew hundreds of esteemed judges, attorneys, elected city, state and federal officials, and community leaders, to honor our awardees and celebrate our legal community.  President of the SDLRLA Scholarship Fund, Eran Bermudez, introduced our keynote speaker, Senate President Pro Tempore Hon. Kevin de Leon, who delivered an outstanding address of empowerment.  Our Attorney of the Year, Maricela Amezola, thrilled the crowd with her inspirational words of achievement and overcoming obstacles.  The Co-Chairs of the 2016 Dinner, Olga Alvarez and Nadia Bermudez presided over the event, including the swearing in of SDLRLA’s Board and the honoring of the SDLRLA Scholarship Fund Board.  President of SDLRLA, Luis Osuna, ended his successful tenure as president and passed the mantle to recently-elected Alara Chilton. 

Last year, Scholarship Fund partnered with the California Bar Foundation to provide an additional $5,000 3L Diversity Scholarship—to be awarded in 2017.  The Scholarship Fund also collaborated with the California Bar Foundation to underwrite the placement of a paid Law Fellow with Elder Law & Advocacy in El Centro, California.  2016 saw new partnerships and collaborations with groups to assist law students in the successful pursuit of their careers as lawyers.